HeyScan question about Padre game graphics

Hey Scan,

Been waiting half a year for you and the Padres.  Concerning the dialogue box at the upper left corner of my screen, re: score, count, inning, etc.  We’re unable to read which inning it is – too small and things seem to run together.  Don’t know if you can get anything done about this problem, but I’m sure you’d know someone who can. – Bill

Hey Bill,

We have received a lot of comments similar to yours about the difficulty reading some of the information on the new in game graphics.  While I am NOT the person who can make the changes, I can assure you that your suggestions and those of the other loyal viewers who’ve contacted us are being heard.  I’ve been told that some changes are in the works, so please be patient with our graphics experts as they work to make some changes.

Until then we’ll all just have to adjust our bifocals, and keep our own scoresheets updated each pitch.

Thanks for your understanding, and for watching the show!


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