Time for Padres’ team nicknames to grow up.

Baseball 27 Jul 2010

Hey Padres fans, isn’t it time to stop using the terms “Little”, “Small”, and “Baby” in nicknames for the Padres? Isn’t it time for this organization to grow up, and sit at the big boys’ table?

These terms such as “Gritty, little Padres”, “Baby Padres”, etc. while intending to be endearing, to me only perpetuate the perception of being a second tier organization not to be taken seriously.

Time to come up with something new that tells the world that Padres players and their fans don’t view themselves as prepubescents that get patted on the head by the rest of the league, before being told to “Go way kid, you’re bothering me.”

Come on, Padre faithful, time to come up with nicknames that portend the brand of baseball you expect from now on out of your team – hard nosed, unrelenting, and unified in purpose to win a championship.


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