World Baseball Network Is Back For Year 3!

Baseball 01 Apr 2011

The World Baseball Network radio program, brought to you by Aladdin Bail Bonds, co-hosted by John “The Coach” Kentera and myself, will begin this Saturday on XX1090.  For the third consecutive year we will be broadcasting in the 10:00am – noon time slot, every Saturday during the regular baseball season.

Each week we will have plenty of baseball talk, covering all of MLB, international, college, high school and youth league baseball.

We’ll also have our usual insightful guests including MLB players, managers, coaches, scouts, trainers, and front office brass, along with other influential and informational people from all areas of the game.  Past guests include

  • Jim Palmer – HOF pitcher
  • Ned Colletti – Ned Colletti
  • Jim Tracey – Rockies manager
  • Jim Fregosi – Former MLB manager and now Braves special assignment scout
  • Buddy Black – Padres manager
  • Mike Gillespi – Head Coach UC Irvine , College Baseball HOF
  • Rick Honeycutt – Dodgers pitching coach
  • Trever Miller – pitcher St. Louis Cardinals
  • Fred Lynn – MLB MVP, Rookie of the Year
  • Mike Harkey – Yankees bullpen coach
  • Jay Robertson – Pro Scout, Nationals
  • Doug Glanville – former MLB player, now author, columnist, analyst for ESPN
  • Lyle Gabriel – founding father of youth travel ball in Southern California
  • Don Newcombe – only winner of MVP, Cy Young , and Rookie of  the Year awards in a career

…and more!

We also take plenty of listeners phone calls, and give away prizes during the trivia contest.  Join us every Saturday starting tomorrow on the World Baseball Network, brought to you by Aladdin Bail Bonds.

Play Ball!


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  4. Shawn Richter via Facebook
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    Glad to hear it!

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