Rejected again – is Bert Blyleven Hall of Fame Worthy?

Blyleven, Bert Rejected again – is Bert Blyleven Hall of Fame Worthy?

BERT BLYLEVENYES:  I’m not a believer that HOF selections should be all about the numbers, but this guy’s are impressive.  He sits at 5th all-time in strikeouts (3,701), 8th all-time in starts (692), 9th all-time in shutouts (60), 24th all-time in wins (287), and 7th all-time in innings pitched (4,970).  The only reason I can see that he hasn’t already been voted in is his being 13 wins shy of the coveted 300 mark.  Given the fact that he played for some awful teams during his career (12 times in his 22 year career his team finished under .500), I am not shocked that he didn’t win 300, but I’m even more impressed with the 60 shutouts!  There are only 21 HOF eligible players in the history of baseball with more career victories than him, and all but two of them are already HOF inductees.  There are 46 HOF inductees with fewer career victories.  His durability was amazing as he posted over 200 innings pitched in 19 of his 22 seasons, including 325 IP in 1975.  His consistency, durability, and effectiveness over his extended career warrant an induction by the writers, and not later by the veterans committee.  Understandably he has had to wait for this honor, but “2011 for Blyleven” would be a fitting time for the 9th all-time leader in shutouts to be voted into the HOF.

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