Hey-Scan Fan Poll Results – You’re favorite Pads uniforms…

Hey-Scan Fan Poll Results – You’re favorite Pads uniforms…

You were asked which current Padres uniform is your favorite?

Here was your response:

  • Retro jerseys (not yet worn this year) – 33%
  • Military camos – 31%
  • Sunday alternate blues – 21%
  • Road grays – 14%
  • Home whites – 2%

1978 home retro uniforms.

This was by far the most passionate topic we have ever posted. It elicited the most number of votes, and the most amount of commentary.  Clearly there is a passionate group who want the brown uniforms to return.  I know the Padres front office is aware of the passion of the topic as well, but I’m continuously told that the “Bring back the brown” group while very passionate and boisterous does not represent the majority of pads fans.  Whether those surveys are accurate or not, I believe this topic will continue to be debated, and debated passionately!

Thanks for the great participation!

Looking forward to seeing your vote on the new fan poll question asking whether you think the bat flips that are going on after batters hit HR’s are disrespectful, or an welcomed show of emotion.

Thanks for voting, and if you have a suggestion for a Hey-Scan fan Poll question please let me know!


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