HeyScan email: Time to call out the umps on air?

Hey Scan,

Can you lay into these umps on the post-game show? The umps blew every close call on Saturday (and the ending was the worst call I have ever seen — and I played a lot of baseball growing up and in college).  Also, as a season ticket holder, I feel comfortable complaining that Petco does not show replays.  Why not scrutinize the umps? – Matt

Hey Matt,

In general I am not about laying into umps.  Never was as a player, and avoid it as much as possible as a commentator.  Not because I don’t think they screw up, or should not be held accountable for their calls.  I’ve been hearing since my first year in pro ball 28 years ago about how the umpires are “worse this year than ever”.  If that digression were true, then by now we’d have guys out there now that wouldn’t know that there are 3 outs needed to end inning.  Most of the time replays show that they get the bang-bang calls correct in the first place.

In general I believe yelling at umps often times comes from the players, fans, and broadcasters from a team that has not done what they were supposed to do, and then yell at the umps to make up for their inability to play the game properly.  Case in point is close play at third on Denorfias bunt.  Make a good bunt, and the umpire is probably not involved in that call at all.  There is a time and place to hold  the umpires’ feet to the fire, and sometimes an umpire’s miscall can affect a play where a team has done everything correctly.  Those moments of injustice are a part of the game, and I’ll have my blowups like anyone else, but I am not feeling the justification for it right now.

As for instant replays in the stadium, MLB discourages, if not forbids any such replays of controversial plays on the stadium big screens.  No need to insight any riots.

Thanks for the email, and for watching the show!

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