Hey-Scan Fan Poll Results – The next long term contract goes to…

Hey-Scan Fan Poll Results – The next long term contract goes to…
young cash

A boyish looking Andrew Cashner answers questions at Cubs Convention 2011.

You were asked which Padres player will be next to sign a long term extension?

Here was your response:










  1. Andrew Cashner – 76%
  2. Everth Cabrera – 11%
  3. Nick Vincent – 7%
  4. Yonder Alonso, Yasmani Grandal, Tyson Ross – 2% each

Hard to disagree with him being the one the Padres would probably most like to lock up…but it takes two to Tango.  I’m not so sure someone else may not agree to terms with the front office before Cashner who may be feeling his oats right now to not take a home town, early sign discount.  Will be interesting to see how it all plays out.  In the meantime nice to have Jedd safely in the fold.

Thanks for the great participation!

Looking forward to seeing your vote on the new fan poll question asking whether you think there si too much fighting in baseball.

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  1. ali baba
    April 21, 2014 at 4:46 pm

    How can they have enough faith in cash to trade one of their best prospects in decades in rizzo, yet not sign him long term. He has the power arms that you look to lock up long term. It doesn’t make sense to me to make a trade like that, see his success, and not lock the best player on the roster up.

  2. Leo A.
    April 21, 2014 at 9:18 am

    if everything goes off without a hitch, I think this situation with Cash’, will bring a new era, so to speak, with what this new front office is able and willing to do with players like this guy.

    locking ‘Jerk’ up was a no brainer, to me, because his learning curve seems to be considerably shorter than anything we saw/see with Hundley, Headley & Venable…but I tend to think that Cashner, is a bit more important to the success of the team, because in this division especially, pitching is INCREDIBLY important. And if you do not have an ace to deal with the aces on all the other teams, you’re kinda spinning your wheels..add to that, we’re probably gonna lose a lot of those starts/games.

    he has shown the FO that him and his agent know how to ‘wheel and deal’, as was proven with his arbitration hearing, where he won, I think.

    So,this is not a ‘slam dunk’ thing, where Byrnes/Fowler can give him something considerably less than what Gyorko got, and call it a day. That aint flyin, sorry. As much as Cash loves the team, I dont see him just “going along to get along”, is what Im trying to say. And why the Hell should he take a SD discount?

    And this isnt the end of scenarios like this. With the revamping of the farm system and some cash flow that came with the tv deal, there is NO WAY, this front office can sit back and be stingy, with other kids coming down the pike. Granted, even the better ones may never see a day with the Padres or any other big league team. But sooner or later, they’ll be faced with, “what are we gonna set aside for a kid like Renfro, Liriano, Fried and Hedges?” (just off the top of the head, examples)

    I know Fowler said, “we want players that want to be here”. Yea, thats all good and well, but read between the lines and he’s also saying, “we dont plan on spending money, we dont have to spend” (ie: they are not extending Chase Headley)

    My hope is that Andrew Cashner is not on that list, because at this point in the game (no pun intended), THEY HAVE TO FIND A WAY TO EXTEND ANDREW CASHNER. He is that important to the future success of this team.

    Ive often said to family/friends, “I’d like the Padres to acquire a guy, be it, thru trade or a draft, that I wont think twice about buying a ticket to watch”

    I’ll pay to see Jedd Gyorko play..as well as Yasmani Grandal..and you can add Cashner to that list.