HeyScan email: Do Pads have any recourse with blown call tonight?

Q: Scan, can the front office lodge a complaint with mlb or will mlb automatically review that catastrophe of a missed call. – Downtown Chris

A: Hey Chris – Of course you are referring to the play that took place in the 2nd inning of tonight’s Padres vs D’Backs game where Joe West errantly ruled that Eric Patterson left too early in tagging up on a fly ball.

Short answer is NO.  This particular play falls under rule 7.08 (d), which states:

“Any runner is out when – he fails to retouch his base after a fair or foul ball is legally caught before he, or his base, is tagged by a fielder. He shall not be called out for failure to retouch his base after the first following pitch, or any play or attempted play. This is an appeal play;”

The key sentence being “This is an appeal play”.  Why is that the key point of the rule in this case?  Because the Diamondbacks did indeed appeal the play.  D’Back catcher Miguel Montero immediately flipped the ball to third baseman Ryan Roberts for the appeal. The umpire is not allowed to make the call unless it is appealed.  Had Joe West called Patterson out, or made any indication that Patterson had, in his mistaken opinion, left early prior to the defense’s appeal, then West would have been in violation of the rule book, and THEN Buddy and the Padres could have played the game under protest.

A team can protest a game for a rules misinterpretation or non-enforcement, but not for a judgement call.

As to whether the umpires will review the play for their benefit, and learning opportunity?  I know some umpires do look at plays after the game to check their accuracy…but who knows in this instance.

Thanks for the email, and for watching the show!


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