Fan Poll Results for changes needed in HOF voting

You were asked what changes you would like to see with the HOF voting procedure.

Heres what you said:

  • Require voters to have some recent MLB game presence/coverage – 28%
  • Increase the number of votes a voter can submit (currently 10) – 25%
  • Have some standards of accountability for voters – 25%
  • Allow other than just BBWAA members to vote – 9%
  • Set some standard for voters on how to handle PED players – 7%
  • Decrease the number of voters (571 last year) – 4%
  • Open the voting up to living Hall of Famers – 1%
  • Take the vote away from the writers let the fans vote – 1%

Thanks for the great participation!

I think many of us agree that the most important change should be to actually have people voting who are truly qualified to vote.  There are simply too many of the voters who have no business voting.

Thanks for your vote, and look forward to seeing your thoughts on our next Fan Poll asking which HOF snub was the most egregious this year.


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